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About Smart Technology & Multimedia Solutions

Who we are

Smart Technology & Multimedia Solutions is an Information Technology company that provides standard, quality, reliable and modern information technology solutions.

We are a company that believe in technological innovations and advancement as a tool to make lives easier. We are a company with great expertise in various aspect of information technology with long years of experience.

We provide information technology solutions to various organizations and individuals in need of solutions that can move their business and organizations to the next level. We also provide IT products and consultancy services at any level.

Our Services

Software Development

We design, build and develop database driven software for record keeping and management.

Digital Payment Integration

We also provide online payment integration solutions for dealing with monetary transactions on the internet.

Website Design

We design high quality modern website for big and small organizations to create an online presence.

Domain Reg. Web-hosting, & Management

We provide and manage organizations and individuals domain registrations and web hosting Services.

Computer Networking

We provide wire and wireless netwoking services to small and large organizations.

ICT Consultancy

We are always available to help and make ICT decisions for you or your organization for maximum productivity & outputs.

Our Products

Smart School Manager (SmartSMv3) is a web application, designed for the automation of school Information and management system for the Nigerian Secondary and Primary Schools. It is designed to manage administrative, academics and accounting records with ease, speed and accuracy.

So, if you are looking for an effective and reliable school management system, the Smart School Manager software stands ready to delivery a stress free and reliable system to provide quality and outstanding performance that will move your school to the next level in technological advancement and productivity.

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SmartPlay is an online streaming and digital content sales platform design for the promotion and sales of digital media contents (Audio, Videos and Documents) for music artiste, music producers, record label management, movie producers and general media contents producers.

The platform will feature locally produced media contents from all over Nigeria.

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The Jos Market Online Store is an ecommerce online store designed to provide solution to buying and selling of goods and products on the internet. It is an open market for all vendors of different products and goods to showcase their locally manufactured goods, agricultural and other products and also sell to a wide range of customers.

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